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Saturn in Aquarius

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

So what does Saturn in Aquarius mean for us?

These times they are a changin’

Saturn is referred to as the change agent planet. It influences the way we’ve been doing things for a long time. It has now moved out of Capricorn and has entered the sign of Aquarius. Saturn transits are never easy, simple or swift, but instead, reveals its wisdom slowly. He helps us to cultivate patience.

Saturn reminds us that knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing is far too expensive for us to exist in. In Capricorn, where Saturn has been since December 2017, the lessons have been heavy. In this earth sign, Saturn taught us through lessons on the material realm. Capricorn works with what is tangible and reliable. It tells tales about tradition and how to adhere to it.

However, Aquarius isn’t so convinced.

I’m referring to new directional shifts on a personal and global front as this most influential of the planets, begins to operate in his new home of Aquarius. Saturn changes signs about every 2.5 - 3 years. So, it’s a big deal when he makes a move.

From March 21st – July 1st, Saturn is beginning to make himself known in the areas of our lives that are in need of restructuring, Aquarius style. Saturn will retrograde back to Capricorn come July and staying there until mid December of 2020. Saturn will then re-enter Aquarius and remain there till 2023. Saturn works well with this air sign because his influence helps to lighten up Saturn’s harshness.

During this time he’ll highlight those rules, boundaries, borders, and structures we’ve been living in. Saturn always comes bearing the hard truths we need to learn in order to mature.

The world has been running on cheap, fast, and unsustainable solutions for decades. This drain on our environment, on our relationships, on our psyches and selves is undeniable. We are a world out of balance and in desperate need of a social reorganization.

So what does all this mean for us?

In Aquarius, Saturn brings innovative social structures. This air sign is known for its intellect, humanitarianism, and thoughtful visions for the future. The focus goes to the needs of the group, (not the individual as it has been) bringing forth rules, regulations, and systems to bring help to the masses.

We can expect new themes to come to the forefront in our personal lives, as well as in society as a whole. New inventions and inventive ways of thinking. Also mysticism and spirit based ideas working within group dynamics.

There could be more discoveries on many areas of our lives. Anything that’s different and unusual will most likely get special attention. Remember, Aquarius is the humanitarian sign in the zodiac. So think, new inventions and discoveries that focus on the good for all. Sounds GREAT to me!!

Let’s take a look at the past:

The last Saturn in Aquarius Transit was in February 1991 until January 1994 some

major events of that time period include:

*Hubble Telescope was launched.

*IBM ThinkPad came onto the market.

*Bill Clinton was elected and the Democratic party came back into office.

*Apartheid was dismantled.

*Cold War came to an end with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

*Cambodia Civil War ended.

*The first free elections of Taiwan were held.

Before that, Saturn was in Aquarius from 1962-1964:

*The Civil Rights Act banned school segregation and employment discrimination.

Before that, Saturn was in Aquarius from 1932-1935.

*The Great Depression had begun in 1929, then we saw the beginning of FDR’s New Deal which brought social security, government infrastructure and banking regulations to the US.

Now, none of these measures were perfect, but they were all attempts at creating social structures that centered on the needs of the collective over the individual.

Now, Saturn is back for more.

While we don’t know how the coming days, months, and years will unfold, we do know that we must wash away the misconceptions that we can remain where we are and be successful.

We have huge challenges ahead and we need to prepare internally and externally for new solutions to come forward. We need to practice patience with the process as the olds systems begin to fall away.

Yes, we want and need a new world, but letting go of the old can be unnerving. As structures and systems show their incompetence, our internal world will need some time to adjust, refocus, and realign with that which can carry us forward. We can and we will find new ways to organize and care for one another, but it will take focus and diligence. That’s the energy of Saturn. Also determination, dedication, and patient persistence from all of us, now and for many more days and months to come.

Check this discussion out at the Modern Mystic Shop

While I've written here just a piece of the puzzle, the discussion with an astrologer looks at the history of times, going back 500yrs., when the planets where lined up (the transits & conjunctions) as they are now. It's fascinating as well as much needed helpful information.

Wishing you all the best through these challenging times.

Namaste’ Stephanie

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