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My Books

My children's books will be available in a hard copy sometime in 2025. 

Meanwhile, check out my reading of them for free on my YouTube page.

My adult non-fiction on decluttering & feng shui will be coming out as well sometime in 2025.

Join my mailing list so I can let you know when they will be available for purchase. 

Otter, a seven week old Seeing Eye puppy comes to live with his puppy-raiser family. Everyone, including the family pets, have the job of raising Otter to be a well mannered dog so that some day he'll lead a person who is blind. Will Otter learn not to eat everything from clothes to food off the table? Can he walk, not run down the sidewalk? Will there ever be peace in the house again? These are just a few of the obstacles the family has to overcome. In the end, will they succeed?

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Cosmo Kitty goes out on a snowy winter night and can't find his way back home. He experiences a scary run in with crows, a fox and more. Will Cosmo Kitty get back to his warm home safely?

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Rikky has a tricycle, a bright, red, shiny tricycle. He rides it all day long. But is he happy with his tricycle, altogether happy? No, not quite. Find out what Rikky decides to do, who helps him and how he gets it done.

Author Bio:
Stephanie is a retired teacher and life long pet owner. She lived in the Morristown, New Jersey area for most of her life and witnessed many Seeing Eye dogs being trained on the town’s streets. In 2005 she decided to raise a puppy for The Seeing Eye. Raising Otter was taken from her experience of raising five puppies.
Stephanie volunteered for Seeing Eye for 15 years. First washing and filling bowls and walking the adoptable dogs. As an educator, she decided her skills would be put to better use as a tour guide and outreach volunteer where her puppies where able to play a roll in educating the public. She also volunteered at the breeding station, offered her sewing skills to repair well worn puppy vests used by puppy raisers and took on the role of tour guide co-coordinator. 
Stephanie moved to western Massachusetts in 2020 and now lives on a 4 acre compound with her husband, children and

grandchildren plus her current rescue dog Lottie. She continues to write books for children and is also working on two non-fiction books for the grownups, a self-help book and unique kind of coffee table book. So stay tuned! :-)
“I feel so blessed to be have been able to play a part in the lives of these amazing guide dogs. Now I open my home to those most in need, rescue dogs. All dogs are great teachers on living in the moment in total joy. SKL

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