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mediumship reading

Mediumship Readings &
Ghost Busting

$75 & up
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As a Medium, my intention is to bring messages for healing from departed family and/or friends.  

A private session, in a safe environment, can provide specific guidance by giving awareness to life issues as well as offer guidance for healing, and personal growth.


Sessions can be given person, via video chat or over the phone.


Private Readings: 30 - 45 min. $75

I will first do a brief energy clearing then connect with someone(s) in spirit that you are connected to through love of friendship or family. I will communicate with your friend and/or family member in spirit, using abilities in clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to bring confirmation of their presence and provide you with healing messages from the other side.

Semi Private Readings: 30 - 45 min. in my home, $75
These readings are conducted in the same approach as private sittings, but allow for 2-3 close family members who wish to be there to experience the reading, which they may or may not have a connection with.

$25 each additional person.


Group Readings: in your home* or my home office, 1 - 1/2hrs.

A small group with no less than 8 people. The reading is done in a group setting and you will receive about 4-6 messages from spirit. No one can be guaranteed a personal message from a loved one from the other side. There is a flat rate of $160 for 8 people and then additional cost of $25 per person for additional people.
* Traveling distance on my part makes a difference in cost. I may charge an extra fee depending on the distance.

Ghost Busting:  locations in western Massachusetts only.

If you know or think you know there's a ghost or ghosts in your home or other space, let's talk first and determine what's going on. Please use the contact page and I'll get back to you ASAP.

$100 -$200 plus travel expenses


"Stephanie's reading was a cleansing, reflective experience that helped me reconnect to members of my family and those who are looking down on me from the other side.  Stephanie has a calming presence that allowed me to feel relaxed but actively engaged in the experience."


Dianne M., Basking Ridge, NJ 

"At the very beginning of my session with Stephanie, the door to her living room actually gently opened of its own volition. Stephanie had to get up to close the door. I interpreted that as a precursor to a successful session. My intuition was correct, my mom & I had a joint session, and Stephanie was able to connect to our relatives that chose to come forward. She tapped into specific identifiers of my mom's mother and my mom's uncle, as well as my paternal grandmother. She relayed messages of significance from relatives that were relevant to current personal matters. I wasn't sure what to expect from the experience, having never tried visiting a medium before, but it was very calm and conversational, and I'd recommend the experience and look forward to returning in the future."

Nicole Mc, Hoboken, NJ

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