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Numerology for 2024

Numerology 2024

This year, 2024, is an eight universal year in numerology. (2+0+2+4=8)

So what does this mean for the collective and personally for you. While I’m not giving a personal reading for everyone who reads this, I’ll give you a snippet of what 2024 could mean for you according to numerology.


First, what’s the energy of the number eight? It’s a number of power, which relates to gains financially, materially, achievements, rewards, status, and satisfaction. An 8 Year vibration can provide the means and personal power as well as the change needed to accomplish important goals that could alter the direction and quality of the journey. The number 8 also represents the balance of the materialistic world and the spiritual world.

This 8 year has the potential, on a global level, to bring about a lot of changes, shifts, and transformation. Our planet and it’s people could surely use a transformation in a good way that benefits everything and everyone. But that’s probably asking a bit much for everyone to develop personal power and transformation in a good way of true understanding, reward, balance, and achievement. But we can hope.

Could this be an 8 year for you? 

To find out what you personal year is, add your birthday month and day to 2024. For example, for me it looks like this...12+10+2024. > 1+2+1+0+2+0+2+4= 12 = 1+2= 3. 2024 is a 3 personal for me. It also happens to be my life path number. 

Below is a snippet for what 2024 could mean for you. So first, add your numbers until you get a single digit number. 

Personal Year Numbers:

1: A #1 year is the beginning of a new cycle of experiences. The next 9 years will depend in large part what you do this year. This is the year to make plans, look to the future and be willing to make changes and plans. You may to let go of things having to do with the past in order to bring about change. Take advantage of new opportunities and let go of any fear. This year calls for clear thinking, courage, and organization. Do not be afraid of taking a chance. Life is testing your character and courage. Be strong and move forward with determination. Remember, be patient, change often takes time to recognize. This year’s colors to help you win are: flame, copper, lilac and crimson.

2: A #2 year requires tact, diplomacy and cooperation when dealing with others. Best results in a 2 year is about sharing and the willingness to patient. There may be moments of delay. Be happy and content with a slower pace than last year. Trying too hard could create confusion and issues. Be okay with circumstances and tap into your inner peace. This year could bring new partnerships. Don’t be afraid to give back what you have, time, love or patience. This year’s colors to help you win are: gold, salmon, garnet, prune and cinnamon.

3: This is the year to put your best foot forward and do what ever you can to improve yourself. A 3 year is the best time for being creative, inspirational and using your imagination. You may be flooded with ideas. Take hold of your dreams and visions. When something pops into your mind, write it down before you forget. Your inspirations and imagination can be put to good use in all areas of your life. Make a real effort to express and carry out your ideas. Friends can help you, so let them. This is a year of pleasures too: travel, active social life, etc. This is your optimistic and cheerful year all coming from within you. This year’s colors to help you win are: rose, ruby, amber and russet.

4: A 4 year is a practical year for you. Your plans and ideas from last year now need to be put into a more concrete form. This year is the time for order, management, and application. In other words, it’s a get down to business year. It’s also a year for buying, selling, trading, and activities connected to the home and/or property. While you’re putting your ideas in concrete form, also be thrifty, careful and efficient. Trusting your luck is not a good place to be. Use you common sense in all areas of your life. Especially with money and things related. to finances. Stick with your goals and routines. By summer time, take a vacation from all your hard work. October and its number could show the first signs of change and new conditions for next year. Have faith in your efforts. This year’s colors to help you win are: blue, green, emerald, silver and coffee.


5: Conditions and happenings can add new life to your undertakings telling you to step into your progress. After last years practicality, it’s okay to relax from the routine and be okay with the unexpected. But, there may be times of feeling of uncertainty and uneasiness. It will help you to keep alert and an open mind. Remember, change is a good thing because without it there is no growth. But still, plan goals for advancement and be resourceful. Watch for those impatient feelings and arguments to guard against regret. All changes should benefit you and others. Travel, move or at the least do something to freshen up your home, social live and/or business activities. This year’s colors to help you win are: pink, cheery, wisteria, and deep red.

6: A six year is about service to success and happiness. It’s a year for unselfishness, truth, justice, charity, and humanity to be your motive in all things you do. It’s a year to bring harmony, to love, health, family, and friendships. Gaining financially is through expressing love and sympathy. Getting settled in business and home life may feel necessary. Keep communications open to foster improvement in all areas of your life. Don’t keep those ideals too high so you can avoid resentments. Others may impose upon you and try to take advantage of your good nature, but with effort and good judgement, you’ll be fine. This year’s colors to help you win are: orange, henna dee.p purple and scarlet.

7: Being in the right state of mind is important this year. think of it as a sabbatical year and spend more time in quiet pursuits and intellectual phases of living. Work on more intuitive insights into your life. You may feel a need for more specialization of knowledge and your talents. Honor this. Quality needs to be your standard. A year to reach for more understanding of life and gaining more intuitive insight. You may want/need more time by yourself. Don’t be surprised if you have interesting and unusual experiences that you have no control of. There’s a desire to understand yourself, which is why quiet time is important. Avoid feelings of confusion, humiliation, or repression because this is a waiting year. This could be a wonderful year for you. Don’t try too hard or force issues for this year of transition. This year’s colors to help you win are: purple, brick and pearl.

8: This is a year of ambition and deep desire to improve your financial situation. So you may need to be more businesslike and practical this year. There is the potential for opportunity for advancement, but use good judgement. You may find yourself going after the things you want. Go for it. Being organized is important for success and avoiding mental strain. But don’t overestimate your ability in all areas of your life. Face the facts of what you are doing. Do not be too materially minded this year. Power is being free of what you’re trying to hang onto. Others may be against you, so be sure to use good judgement. This year’s colors to help you win are: canary, buff, tan, opal and ivory.

9: Nine, a closing cycle and the last number is about completion and fulfillment of your dreams. Understand that completion isn’t failure or sadness. It’s a reward. Its a year of being open for new opportunities and interests in your life. Make the effort to be done with things that no longer serve or have value for you. Practice compassion and forgiveness for yourself. This practice will reward you of love, understanding, and fulfillment. Give yourself an open mind and allow life to give you a chance. Make you interests more universal and avoid being/feeling small. This is not the year to start new things, but it’s ok to accept an opportunity that comes your way and feels good. If something goes out of your life, let it go, it’s clearing the way to your future happiness. This year’s colors to help you win are: all colorful colors, avoid black.

If you have young children in your life, check out my Instagram post on how to support your children according to their number year.


So there you have it! I hope this gives you some insight into your year ahead.



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