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I'm Stephanie, welcome to my about page.

Below  you'll read about my beginnings and how I came to do this work of intuitive readings and coaching. I look forward to hearing from you if what I do is of interest. 

My Journey

Throughout my childhood I often talked to animals and nature spirits. It was something I just assumed everyone could do. On my 10th birthday, I clearly remember running into my backyard crying to the heavens with my arms stretched out asking, "Why am I here? I'm 10 years old now. I should  know by now." I knew that there was something more and important for me, but couldn't grasp it.

Within a few years, during my pre-teen and teen years, I put most things spiritual aside. But my desire to getting my bedroom to feel just right continued.  My interest in yoga , past lives, feng shui and more began. In the back of my mind or just below the surface,  I knew there was something so much more and bigger guiding me to do something for others. 

I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of our inner knowing, our spirit guides and angels and people that "show up" just at the right  time. As I grew into my adult years I began to honor and embrace my ability to connect with the spirit world, feel energy and I use my intuitive abilities.

After college I started teaching in the elementary grades, I married my life partner and raised two children with him. But in my "spare" time I sought out what my soul was most drawn to. I trained and taught yoga, bellydance and worked on clients with Thai bodywork. I trained with amazing Mediums,  a numerologist and several instructors in card reading. I also became a certified Feng Shui consultant. I learned how to clear energy in people, places and things. I read books, went to workshops and educated myself on all things metaphysical and continue to do so.  My goal has always been to help others to be the best they can be; emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Clutter coaching made sense to me as a way to do this and I was good at it. Years later I went through the process of getting my life coaching certification thru the Brave Thinking Institute because they are one of the top coaching institutes out there. In addition to learning their practical approach to coaching, there is a spiritual component  woven in as well.  In order to bring about change in our lives, all areas of our being must work together, including our living spaces.

Now I work with people by digging into my intuitive bag of tools, my trainings and education to connect clients with their purpose and how to live the life of their dreams.

I promise to always bring forth kind awareness and healing through love and spirit. 

I'm located in Northampton, MA and work with clients in person, via the internet, phone and email.



My certifications & trainings include:

*Certified elementary teacher 25+yrs.

*Certified Feng Shui consultant

*Certified Decluttering Coach

*Certified Color Coach

*Certified Yoga teacher for 20+yrs.

*Certified Card Reader

*Certified Advanced Level Thai Bodyworker

*Certified Animal Communicator

*Trained Energy Clearer 

*Practicing/trained Medium 

*Certified Life Coach and Life Mastery Consultant w/Brave Thinking Institute

breeding '15 1.jpg

15+yrs Seeing Eye Volunteer and puppy raiser in Morristown, NJ

Contact Me

If you're looking for new and exciting opportunities to make positive changes in your life, let's connect.


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