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Welcome to My Faery Garden

When I was a little girl, I spent time almost daily, sitting under the wisteria vines. This was my quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of an active family of seven. On this side of the house there was next to no traffic from family. It was my place of quiet solitude. It was here I spoke to the faeries and nature spirits and probably souls too.

Fast forward eight or nine years, I had a friend whose mother had what she called a faery circle in wooded area near their backyard. When I first hear that term “faery circle”, it resonated something deep within me. But by this time I was a young teenager and it was here my friends and I played spin the bottle. I remember those first kisses from boys so well. :-)

Fast forward 20+ years and now I have a daughter of my own around five years old. I suggested to her that she have a faery circle in the wooded area of our backyard. Melody liked the idea and it was sometime around then that she wanted a faery theme birthday party. A musician friend knew the perfect Faery for the party.

Now here it is 2021 and my husband, our children and their families have recently moved onto four acres in western Massachusetts where we each have our own home, a pond to swim in and beautiful gardens all around as well as many tall beautiful trees.

There was a spot next to my covered patio that was telling me, this is the place for a faery garden. Then one day while listening to my favorite podcast, they had a guest on that had written a book about making a faery garden. OK, the universe is telling me it’s time to do this, but it would be so much better than anything I’ve done before.

I asked my three granddaughters (ages 3-almost 6) if they would like to help me make a faery garden. Well yes, of course they wanted a faery garden!!! So, I got the book I heard about on the podcast, “Living the Faery Life, a guide to connecting with the Magic, Power and Joy of the Enchanted Realm” by Kac Young. Kac’s book was very helpful and I deeply connected to her way of making this garden.

My little girls helped me pick out the tiny, must have, added features for the garden as well as helping to construct it. The physical labor took about a week from start to finish which included a trip to the local nursery for plants and ground cover. One afternoon we all got into my car to drive to the other side of our pond where there were lots of rocks. They helped me load and unload my car and then lay them down to form the boarder.

Being that I love crystals and also had other assorted little things for the garden, plus the Faery essentials I ordered online, we made the garden very much our own. My little girls each had something of theirs to add as well. When it was completed we did a ceremony to welcome our tiny magical friends. While the chipmunks most likely ate the mini gram-crackers off the bistro table, there are other things that have moved a few times. ????

Now we care for the garden as any gardener would as well as continue to keep fresh water in the little faery pond. We continue to welcome the faeries to come dance with us in the garden.

Enjoy the photos below of the process of building our little faery garden. I hope it inspires you to make a faery garden, big or small, of your own.



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