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Improve the energy in your home: Declutter

Fall is coming and it's a great time to get started decluttering.

You know your home is so much more than a place to lay your head at night and seek shelter from the elements. It’s a place where you can intertwine with the universe. It’s a place that can attract energy or repel it. Every object in your home takes your energy up or down, or keeps it neutral.

front door
Is there clutter at your front door?

Now, try your best to pretend you’re someone very important who have never been to your home before. You walk up towards the front door. What do see and feel? Is there too much stuff crowding the entryway? Are there scattered dead leaves? If there are plants, do they look healthy and vibrant? Does the front entry area have an inviting and welcoming feeling? Be very honest with yourself.

In order to understand the deeper forces at play regarding clutter, it’s essential to look at the energy of your home and realize how it affects you, the other occupants and those that may come to visit.

True decluttering is a type of modern day alchemy that can change every part and detail of your life. But, to activate this alchemy, it’s important to understand how the frequencies and energies of the objects in your home influence you and why decluttering can also be a spiritual goal.


Your home can become a sacred place for you and your family. The energy that radiates from your home can be thought of like a small stone being dropped into a still pool and those ripples radiate outward. The best compliments I’ve ever gotten (and will always remember) is when people walked into my home, stopped for a moment and said with an ahhhh, “your home feels so good.”

The energy of your home can either help you move forward or keep you stuck in the past. Bringing balance and harmony to your home by letting go of objects that do not reflect the life you want now and in your future, opens you up to many new possibilities. Then, your home will radiate this energy in the form of love and light. I know this sounds a little woo, woo or maybe a lot woo woo, but please bear with me.

Using decluttering techniques, feng shui principles and some simple space clearing techniques as a magical “spark-plug” for life-changing results can create big shifts in your home. It’s about understanding the energy in your home and how it interacts with your energy and ultimately with your life.

cluttered bedroom
Cluttered bedroom

Decluttering Tips:

I’ll give a very practical situation you can relate to.

When you get the feeling of needing another “thing” and your house isn't messy and cluttered. Stop!

If your home is ordered and everything in its place, then maybe you don't need another one of that "thing" if you’ve got several or lots of them already.

Example: hangers. You’ve bought a few new pieces of clothing and when putting them away you run out of hangers. STOP! Do you really need more hangers or do you need to go through your closet and declutter?

This is where the “container concept” comes in to play. Your closet can only hold so much. Your closet is a container. The book shelf can only hold so many books. The book shelf is a container. Get the idea? In the end, your house is also a container.

Think you need more hangers?

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Go through your home quickly with a large dark garbage bag and pick up all the trash. Then immediately put the bag in the garbage can. Do Not Look in the Bag!! You’re done.

Next: Start in the kitchen or your bedroom. Both are two important areas that support or not support you.

Go through the room and pick up things that are out of place. Such as your hairbrush on the night-table. Put it away where ever it should be kept. Do this pick up and put away quickly for the little things. Multiples of the same item can be tossed out or put into the donation box.

Hopefully now you can dust those surfaces. While you’re at it, dust the lampshades as well.

Dust is clutter!

***If you haven’t read my blog post on the 5 second rule, go do that now then come back here.

5 second rule
5 second rule

When I comes to keeping or getting rid of items, use the 5 second rule if necessary. Do Not stand there holding the item trying to decide if you should keep it or not. You have 5 seconds to decide....5...4...3...2...1 action.......toss or keep.

Either put it away where you would look for it first (if you were looking for it all) OR add it to your donate box or into the trash.

Broken items? Commit to getting it fixed within the month or toss it out.

As you begin to declutter your home, remember what your home is saying about you. How do you want others to see you and more important, how you want to see yourself.

Clutter is heavy

Decluttering can be a huge challenge,

I get it. There’s nothing I haven’t seen. From beautiful and good feeling uncluttered homes to hoarders with barely room to walk in every room. The best and the worst, nothing surprises me.

Most important, there is no room in your life for shame, only the progress of moving forward in making your home, your castle, a place of joy, happiness and energetic support.

You’ve got this!



PS If you make your bed every morning, GREAT! If you don't, get into the habit tomorrow morning. Why? Coming home to a made bed after along day creates an inviting feeling of peace and serenity. Seeing an unmade bed however, reminds you of the stresses in your life and creates the feeling of “unfinished business.” Even if you're not conscious of those negative thoughts.

If you're in the western MASS area, I'm local to you and can make an in-person consultation. If you're not in my area, I do consultations via a video call.

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