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Feng Shui Your Master Bedroom

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post on feng shui. In this post I'm offering some advice on using feng shui in the master bedroom. I hope it’s helpful.

First, I ask... Is your bedroom working for you for better love, sex, sleep? If not, these few tips may help to make it better.

Colors... It’s best to avoid blues and greens because these are cooling colors which can impair or diminish intimacy. It’s best to choose warm colors such as soft neutral as well as deeper earthy tones. It’s best to use reds and pinks sparingly, not as the main color. These colors can become to stimulating energetically, not in a good way. Instead use these colors as accent. They are great for attracting and keeping love in your life, but too much makes for difficult for peaceful sleep.

True story from a feng shui consultant: A happy couple bought their first house. Within a year, they were at each other's throats and ready to divorce. The wife decided to bring in a feng shui consultant to see if there was a way to fix her marriage. The first thing the consultant noticed was the kitchen was painted red. And guess what room was above the kitchen? You guessed it, the master bedroom. Way too much fiery energy between the nature of a kitchen plus being painted red. They couldn't change the structure of the house, but they could repaint the kitchen and make some supporting changes in the bedroom. They did just that. It made a huge difference and they were able to bring back a healthy relationship.

I've seen and heard of many amazing stories like the one above, along with a few from my own clients.

Bed Size...King size beds most often allow for too much space between two people and the box spring is usually made up of two parts. This split creates a split between you and your partner. If you already have a king size bed, I suggest putting a piece of plywood on top of the boxspring or some other way to cover the split.

Clutter...Is your bedroom cluttered? Messy? Your relationship can mirror the state of the bedroom. Yikes! If you want a supportive, serene and peaceful relationship, your bedroom needs to reflect the feeling. Also, objects hold energy. Be mindful of the objects you place in the room. If you’re trying to attract new love, but sleeping on your ex-boyfriends bed, not good. Also, if you sleep in a room with heirloom furniture from relatives you never liked, another no-no. When you have a bedroom filled with furniture and objects you love, you’re setting yourself up for a life filled with love. Although there is a way to deal with old or negative stuck energy in objects, space clearing. Sageing is popular, but just clapping hard a few times in corners and around the room breaks it up and works just as well. Sounds like a good topic for next month's blog post.

Nightstands... To encourage relationships of equality, both sides of the bed should be equal.

Have a nightstand (ideally identical to one another, but similar in size is fine) on each side of the bed with matching lamps (also if possible). Plus, make sure you both have easy access to your individual side of the bed.

Lighting...Light is very important in the bedroom. You want to have window coverings that allow bright light to enter in the morning (a serotonin boost) while also allowing the room to be dark, for good sleeping. Lamps and light fixtures should provide both adequate as well as soft lighting. Overhead lights need to have dimmers to adjust light to ideal brightness throughout the day.

Sharp Angles...In feng shui sharp angles are considered “poison arrows,” which throw negative energy in the direction they are pointing. If possible, go for furniture with rounded edges. If rounded edges aren’t an option, then try to place furniture so that no corners are pointing at you while you sleep.

More on the Bed...Make sure both people can clearly see the door while lying in bed without being inline with the door. Also placing the bed as far from the door as possible is best for the feeling of being safe, unconsciously.

Yikes! If you have one and replacing it is out of the question, hang a multifaceted crystal from it. Electronics are a big no, no! Televisions, computers, exercise equipment or a desk in your bedroom can interrupt sleep. If you must have them in your room, cover them before you go to sleep or keep them stored in a dresser.

If you have a head/footboard on your bed frame, solid is best and the mattress needs to be higher than the foot board. Also, no ceiling fans over the bed, they energetically cut your body into parts.

A bed is best placed where there's an unobstructed wall diagonally across from the door If you have to have the bed under a window, be sure to have curtains or drapes to pull closed at night. The bed on the diagonal in the back corner with a plant (fake or real) works as well too.

No Water or Images of Water: Water or images of water “douse” intimacy in relationships. Water imagery can also create financial or relationship loss.

Another true story: I had a client on the verge of divorce when I gave her a consultation. No biggies popped at me as we went through the downstairs. But, when I walked into the master bedroom, there over the bed was a painting of a sailor drowning with a burning ship in the distance. I gasped when I saw it and explained to her why it should not be in the bedroom, period. I suggested she put the painting in their barn or just toss it out for good. She got rid of it and within months, their marriage got back on track.

More on bedrooms: It's best to close the door at night. Keep all doors, bedroom door, closet and bathroom doors closed at night. Open doors are depleting to the mind and body. It's an energy flow thing.

When it comes to mirrors, be sure you can’t see yourself in it while in your bed. Pictures and wall art, what does it say to you? Like my example above.

Pictures of single objects and violence of any kind, no! Pairs of things are best, as well as nature. You also don't want family photos staring at your mother-in-law! Fresh air whenever possible is a given and will bring in freshness for better health all around.

If you're single and looking for romance, setting up your bedroom as I've explained above applies to you too. No single beds!!! You must, in the very least, have a double bed with two nightstands as I explained.

l hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, send me an email. Plus, a photo is worth a 1000 words. I’m happy to give you a few tips if you have a particular bedroom issue. I also do distance consultations.

"Arranging a home to hold happiness is the primary goal of Feng Shui." ~Terah Kathryn Collins



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