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Are You Empathic?

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Most of the time throughout our lives, our attention goes into the head, throat or chest. These areas are very sensitive to pressure. Pressures that we put upon ourselves daily. If we don’t release or ground this pressure, our body and mental state pays the price. Frustration, depression, and other mental as well as physical issues can arise.

For empaths, people that easily feel emotions and energy around them, this can be even more debilitating. We must release this pressure regularly in order to keep our mental state and physical body in a good place.

Before I even knew what the word empath meant, I had intuitively come up with my own strategies to relieve this pressure. Such as making sure I had enough quiet time to myself, spending time in nature and moving my body through dance. I also started my yoga practice over 50 years ago as a teenager. All of these activities helped me to ground myself and release the pressure from my upper body by moving it to my lower body and into the ground.

I think this is why in so many guided meditations you’re directed to go to the base of your spine and/or your feet. The simple visualization of moving energy from your head, down through the body and into your feet grounds your energy. The pressure is removed. It only takes a few minutes (or less) and helps relieve the stress you’re feeling.

Your higher-self loves to support you, but when your energy frequency takes a nose dive, your higher-self likes to leave. :-) So your higher-self goes above your head to hang out, totally disconnected from the body. This is when feelings of depression and anxiety can show up.

When dealing with trauma, no matter what level, you need to get your higher-self back into the body and grounded to your feet. This can give you a different perspective on the issue. Your ego takes a backseat and your thinking mind can’t say, I’m going to be submissive instead of in charge.

Here’s an example using dog training: If the dog is in front of you pulling ahead on the leash, the dog (your ego) is in charge. The dog goes every which way and barks at those he sees. Now, if the dog is trained to walk beside you and a little bit back, the person is in charge. The dog is much calmer and better behaved. Make sense?

Changing the position of your energy and getting it out of the head and chest, the ego is no longer in charge. You move that frenzied ego energy down the body and out your feet. A calmer state of mind can now take over.

Simply put, be in your lower body, not in your head.

If your body is disconnected, you’re not trusting the body. Your body will tell you what to do. It’s called being in your being-ness. You need to get out of your head and into your body to be in charge. When you’re depressed, anxious, etc., you’re in your head, not your body. That negative mind chatter can go on and on. This is being stuck, but you can be in charge by changing your perception.

“Empaths do not work well living in reality” ~Joshua Bloom

Sounds funny, yes?

What this means is we work better when working from the possibilities. This opens up a huge amount of energy for many outcomes. Try playing the “what if” game when you’re in your head too much. For example, “What if I put a smile on my face” or “What if I skip instead of walk for 30 seconds?” Immediately things can change by not focusing on the negative. Stay observant of your surroundings and see what happens.

Head = fast moving energy (yikes)

Body = a place of being-ness. Audio pilot is turned off and you can release negative energy.

When you suppress negative energy, you’re claiming it. If you deflect it you’re super-duper suppressing it. When relaxed, energy goes through you and you get it out of your head and can then release it in the moment. This also includes those cord connections you have with others. You know those people that are so great at pushing your buttons? Gotta disconnect.

You DO NOT want to take on and suppress someone else's the negative energy. Unfortunately, many of us do this all the time.

Quick review on how to release negative energy:

1. Do bring your focus from your head and/or chest down to the tailbone, then go down to your feet and below to the earth star chakra. Yes there are a few more chakras than 7.

2. Breathe in the nose and release thru the mouth with sound. Quantum shift happens.

3. Remember, the body is the intelligence. We all hold on to negative energy and we all need to learn to release it.

Recommended reading: “The Ultimate inside” by Joshua Bloom

Explore more with a quiz: How empathic are you? Try Joshua Bloom’s quiz here.

I scored 101 out of 110 points. Yikes!

If I hadn’t figured out how to ground myself as a child, I think I would have become a basket case. I thank the Universe for that guidance.

Joshua Bloom had a very informative appearance on the Enlightened Empaths podcast. Aired on November 1, 2021. I invite you to listen. Their Facebook page: “Enlightened Empaths”.

I invite you to listen. It was full of information, some of which I shared in this blog post. Having raised five Seeing Eye puppies for guide work, his example of walking dogs was right on.

I would love to know what you scored and how these tips help you.



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