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What Does Numerology Tell You About 2022

Numerology is an ancient science that dates back to the ancient cultures of Rome, Egypt, Greece, China and has ties to the Hebrew Kabbalah. It's based on physics, which tells us that everything has energy and vibrates in the Universe. In order to measure vibrations, we need numbers.

Numbers being so much more than just straight mathematics, numerology is the study of the spiritual qualities of numbers. Each number has a vibration as well as a specific energy pattern. Numerology perceives your energy from the numbers that made you. Nothing is a coincidence. Not your birthdate or the name you were given at birth.

Your numerology chart is like the autobiography of your soul and it's intention in this lifetime. Your full chart can give you a better understanding of yourself and those in your life. It gives you your souls plan and identifies your energy that manages your thoughts, dreams and desires this time around.

There are several numbers that make up who you are. Your life path number is first in line and is calculated from your birthdate. For example I am a 3 life path, which comes from the numbers in my birthdate, 12/10/1952. All the numbers are added together until it's calculated down to a single digit. 1+2+1+0+1+9+5+2 = 21 2+1=3

Similar to your astrology chart, there are many other numbers that make up your full numerology chart. Example of a few are: the day you were born, the letters (each letter has a number between 1&9) in your birth name, as well as the vowels and consonants in your name. There are also master numbers that show up in charts. These are double digit numbers, such as 11, 22, 33 and so on. These first three being the most significant.

Your full chart is made up by these numbers and the vibration that each number has. But for this blog post, let's move on to your new year's number and what it means for you now. I'll also give you the vibration of the planet for 2022.'s a hopeful year ahead.

To find your personal year you add your birth month and day to the current year down to a single digit. For example I'm in a 1 year in 2022. My birth date 12 + 10 plus this year 2022. 1+2+1+0+2+0+2+2 = 10 = 1

Note: the vibrations don't stop and start on 1/1 and 12/31. The energies overlap during the last few months of the old year. I've felt this myself going from a 9 year of letting go to a 1 year of charging up my creative juices.

Calculate your personal year then read below what this year has in store for you.

1. A time of change, progress and new beginnings and is a result of your individual efforts. A good time to begin something new. A year to create new goals, but avoid being impulsive, be informed instead. Act confidently and be self-reliant. Your individuality is expressed in a 1 year and don’t be surprised if you can be a little self-centered and egotistical. Do not fear the future, embrace it.

2. A 2 personal year is one for success and happiness that’s dependent on tact, diplomacy and cooperation when dealing with others. The things you began in 2021 (a 1 year for you) are still in the growing stage. Things will seem to be moving slowly or stuck. But do not force anything. Trust divine timing and wait patiently. You may find yourself in the role of mediator more often this year. Don’t talk too much about your ideas, but keep them to yourself. This is a year for new relationships of any kind. This is also a year of maintaining harmony in your life and may feel a bit more sensitive. Your psychic/intuition abilities may be heightened.

3. This is the year to make the best possible use of your creative talents and abilities. Put your best foot forward and use that imagination of yours. Spend time thinking about your dreams and visualize your future as you wish to create it. Put the law of attraction to use. This is a lighter year by far than others. Put your emphasis on friendships old and new. Be careful of gossip of being careless in what you say. Just stay positive in everything you say and do. This is the year to bring out your inner child and find joy in living. You may not feel disciplined enough and find difficulties completing projects and/or staying on task. Activities that have to do with creativity, writing, acting, singing, etc. are greatly enhanced. Do what inspires you and express yourself! Avoid worry or moodiness, be optimistic and cheerful. You’ll get noticed.

4. This year is a year to get “down to business”. A time to work harder at home and on the job. This is a building year for your future. A time to be practical and down to earth. A year to be well organized and paying attention to details and working hard. Consider buying a home, remodeling or making investments in real-estate. It will pay off in the future. Be careful of your health and be sure to get plenty of rest and eating right. It’s a year to be disciplined, but don’t overdo it and take care of yourself.

5. If last year of difficult, now is the time for change and more freedom. This is the year to be flexible and adaptable and may feel uncertain at times. This year may be a bit of a roller coaster ride. (2021, was universal year of 5...need I say more about chaos?) It’s ok to take a risk or two, just be sure to not put too much on your plate at one time. It’s a good year to promote yourself and allow major changes in your life. But, be careful of overindulgence. Moderation is key. This year could test your self-discipline.

6. Welcome to the year of duty and responsibility to family. This is the year of caring for loved ones and to do it selflessly, compassionately and with a happy heart. You need to maintain harmony in your life when it comes to family and friends. This is a year that tests your relationships. If they are solid, they get better. If not, a break up may be on the agenda unless you can fix it with communication from the heart. It’s a year of being unselfish, truthful, just and charitable and of service to others. Do not become a martyr or doormat!

7. This is a year to consider being on sabbatical and guided more by intuition than reason. A time to rest and reflect. You may find you need more sleep this year, honor that. You may also find yourself needing more alone time, questioning the meaning of life or delve into more philosophical pursuits. This is a time of meditation and looking deeper into your inner self. Think of this year as a time to declutter your mental house. 7 is a highly spiritual number, honor that. It’s a good time to seek out your personal truths. It’s a very insightful year and not one to be concerned with business. Have faith that what you need will be provided.

8. This a year that your ambition takes over and finances come to the forefront. Opportunities for advancement may become known. Recognition, promotion, advancement and improved finances are all very possible. This is a year to practice good judgement and be practical, efficient and resourceful. It’s not a year to focus on money, but more about achievement. Do set some goals and work towards them. 8 years can be a money making year, but also a karmic year. Debts owed will be collected. For some, a 7 year can have the opposite effect and experience financial difficulties, but this is mostly caused by unethical behavior or past greed.

9. This is the end of the 9 year cycle. A year of completion and finishing up old business to make way for new beginnings. Time to let go of those things in your life that no longer serve you and your highest good. Leave behind the obstacles that have gotten in your way. This clearing out can be in any form from work related to relationships. A decluttering year in all areas of your life. This is not a year to start anything new such as a new business venture or marriage. Best to put these off until at least October or November. Whatever you do, remain tolerant, forgiving and compassionate to yourself. New beginnings will come next year, make room for them.

Lastly we'll look at the universal year 2022, a 6 year. Your personal year as well as the collective year for everyone will also influence us.

The Number 6 places an emphasis on home and family. This is a good thing after going through the crazy ups and downs of a 5 year. The 6 is Cosmic Mother energy and brings focus on the needs of children, family and relationship. The 6 has the ability to see both sides of an issue and to find some common ground. 2021 brought much division, this year will bring much welcomed relief.

The 6 has compassion for those in need with this caring for family vibration. We'll see a great deal of energy addressing those less fortunate. The 6 is a positive number financially so, we can expect our economy to continue to recover.

We are all so exhausted with the Covid, but even though it will still be difficult over the next few months, the 6 vibration gives us hope that we are nearing the end of this pandemic. A light at the end of this long dark tunnel. Amen to that!!

I wish you all much good health physically, emotionally and spiritually in 2022!



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