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Manifesting Your Dream Life

I recently finished reading the book “Manifesting Made Easy, how to harness the law of attraction to get what you really want” by Jen Mazer. A book worth reading for sure.

Jen is know as the “Queen of Manifestation”. She has a way of breaking it down into easy and fun steps.In this blog post I’ll give you a few tips from the book to help you get the idea of how to manifest what you'd like in your life. But, reading Jen’s book will of course give you so much more than I will here.

The first step is of great importance; Demystifying: How does manifestation actually work. First, understand that we are always manifesting. We are creating our own reality 24/7. But, not understanding how the process of manifesting works is what can end up getting us what we don’t want.

All manifestations comes from our own imagination. Yikes! How many times have you created this whole “worst thing that could happen” scenario in your mind. Then when what you really wanted doesn’t happen you say to yourself, “I knew it!” Now, while you might have thought about what you wanted, yet you kept thinking about what you didn’t want.

Hello! You got what you focused on....right?

But what you really needed to do was to make the dream even bigger. Think about what the dream looks like, feels like, smells like. Use all your senses. The manifestation match comes from what you’re putting out. There’s a give and take with the Universe. This is where taking action steps comes into play and it's what I do for clients as a transformational coach.

I’ve gotten into the habit of writing down in my daily journal what I want. Each day I list 3 action steps that I can take that day.

For example, today’s list was:

1. start working on this blog post

2. watch the next dog training lesson (I’m on week 8 of 10)

3. review & check my scheduled instagram posts for the month of February

Each of these little action steps that I’m taking today, Jan. 29th, takes me closer to my dreams. Such as getting my dog super well trained and getting my Instagram messages ready for the month of February. Without action steps, no matter how big or small, sends a message out to the Universe that you’re not willing to act on your dreams.

Part two in Jen’s book is “Dream: expand the vision for your life”. In this section, Jen helps you get crystal clear with your dreams and explains the steps to do to apply them.

This is an excellent companion book to the transformational coaching I do. Reading the book and having a coach can help you go deeper, especially when it comes to breaking the inner programming we all have that doesn't serve us.

I invite you to watch my free 60min. Vision Workshop on my website. Downloading my companion Vision Workshop booklet is another option. Doing both together is even better. It's always

nice to be able to refer to the written text to easily at anytime.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me with any questions you might have.

“Your work is to clarify and purify your vision so that the vibration that you are offering can then be answered.” ~Abraham-Hicks

Are you in?



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