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I Talk to Dead People

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

In the beginning...

When I was about 3 years old, I spoke to spirits of all kinds. To me those faeries, nature spirits, and people were real. To others, my “imaginary friends”.

This isn’t uncommon with kids five and younger. But something happens around six that causes them to forget their innate ability. If you know of a youngster that has an imaginary friend, explore with questions in a friendly way to find out who it is. Don’t push it, be casual. It may take a few “sessions” to get your answer.

My connection to the natural world has always been very strong. My parents loved the great outdoors too and they nurtured my interests. As a family we went camping in National Parks around the country for weeks every summer. We had lots of pets and I went to classes for kids at the zoo. My fondest memory at the zoo was being able to pet a newborn lion cub.

This was not part of the class. I had an “inside” connection :-)

When I was about 5 or 6, I started having a reoccurring dream that a group of three tigers would slowly come up the stairs and then look at me in bed from the doorway. I remember thinking I should be scared, but wasn’t. The symbolic meaning of the tiger is strength, courage and bravery and the release of fears. I have always tried to embody these qualities, especially during those tough times in life.

The number 3 has meaning too. Besides from it being my life path number in numerology, 3’s carry the meaning of self-expression, creativity, harmony, wisdom and connection to the divine.

We are surrounded by hints all the time! We just have to take notice of them.

My interest in the natural world, although I’ve never lost it, grew beyond what my eyes and ears could see and hear. My intuitive abilities continued to grow stronger, but I never told anyone.

I saw and heard people and animals that others didn’t. I often knew what people were thinking before speaking. I even tried to fly like the fairies and the people floating around me. I would jump off the garden brick wall, that was between 5-6 feet high, with my arms spread out like wings. I would run as fast as I could down the sidewalk and try to take off like an airplane. I swear I got off the ground for a moment. Hey, maybe I did, maybe a didn’t. It doesn’t matter. I also practiced “flying” down the stairs from the 2nd floor landing by jumping higher and higher one step at a time. Amazingly, I never broke any bones or hurt myself in any way. I know kids sometimes try to fly, but I was relentless.

During my pre-teen and teen years, I went inward. I was very interested in all things mystical and of course the “occult”. But I never thought of it as “dark”. I had an inner knowing of the difference between the dark and the light. I knew the light was the way to go and had an understanding of the dark without being scared of it and I never let it in. My intuition was always my guide and still is.

*This photo was taken at the end of a spelunking adventure at Wind Cave Nat. Park, S.D. It was here in the sacred Black Hills and during this trip where I experienced several in-my-face spiritual awakenings. I was thirteen.

When the New Age movement hit the USA, I had finally found “my people”. Everything I had been feeling and knowing for many years was beginning to be validated. Being intuitive and psychic was celebrated instead of being weird. FYI: We're all intuitive.

It was during this time that I got married and Ralph and I soon found ourselves living in an old historic house with a ghost. We were the caretakers of the building. I could hear a child singing in our bedroom. She lulled me to sleep every night. I spoke to her daily and once I saw her while we played hide and go seek.

I knew I was a medium, but what I needed was to find someone to help me grow my abilities. One afternoon I was standing in line on a sidewalk in NYC with my friend Deb. We were waiting to get a hug from Amma, the “hugging saint”. I asked Deb if she knew anyone that could help guide me to strengthen my mediumship skills. She said, yes! I knew Deb would know. :-)

Before the week was out, I was at Pam’s house with a few others. I was there to practice mediumship and there were others there for a reading. With some guidance from Pam, I started.

I was spot on with just about every reading. Going to these sessions was always the highlight of my week.

Pam knew I needed more guidance and told me to go to a weekend workshop given several times a year with a world renown medium, Janet Novak, who lived near by. It just so happened (yeah right!) that Janet was having a weekend training workshop the very next weekend.

I love how spirit works.

The most important thing I learned from Janet’s training, was me taking control of me. Sounds so simple and it is, but many don’t get it. Since that training and being with all those like minded people, my mediumship practice grew with leaps and bounds over the next few months and years.

There was one very important lesson I learned during that training. While we (30-35 people in the class) sat in a big circle, Janet asked us to connect with someone in the circle. I immediately connected to a woman across from me. Janet instructed us to share the connection one at a time for the whole group to hear. The entire time I was waiting my turn I had this sweet young blond girl hanging out behind me. I had to hold on to her while waiting my turn and I was the last have a turn. That in itself was a lesson.

I told the woman across from me about this child. I described her looks, demeanor and thoughts. I asked if this made any sense to her. She proceeded to tell me I was describing her neighbor’s little girl, whom she didn’t know very well and that the girl wasn’t dead. The child had cancer. Janet immediately stopped us both and explained to the group that if this ever happens during a reading, to stop. The sick child was most likely preparing for crossing over. But there was also the chance she could survive. We can’t play God. This was a very powerful lesson for all of us in the group.

Azurite is one of the most powerful Third Eye stones, and helps initiate powerful visions and enhances various psychic abilities such as clairvoyance (clear-seeing), clairaudience (clear-hearing) and claircognizance (clear-knowing). This is the perfect stone for any aspiring medium, Tarot or oracle reader.

My heart has been rewarded with every reading I’ve done. I’ve brought grandparents, moms, dads, sons, daughters, other family members and friends together by relaying messages, bringing peace of mind and answers into their lives.

It’s rare that I go a day without seeing, feeling, hearing, or just knowing that there’s someone there, but I'm still in control of all situations. My mother visits often after crossing over almost 40 years ago. My dad too, but not as often. But every night when I go bed I see many people and animals. With the room dark, I don’t have to close my eyes to see them. Some come forward and get right in my face, so annoying. This is where the control matters most. The animals are a mix of domestic and wild animals. For some of the animals and people, I can see the situation they are in. Some are life and death situations. The scene is always in black and white, which I find interesting because in readings, I see color. But with readings, they are only in my mind. In the dark of night, I see the same scene with my eyes open or closed.

When we cross-over, our personality is still there. If someone was shy in human form, they still are on the other side. I’ve done readings where the client wants to connect with a particular loved one. (FYI: never a guarantee) But someone else comes through in their place. It’s often those that would have been more out spoken one when in human form.

In some readings, for example, it could be the grandmother that comes forward, not the mother. Other times I’ll get a symbol that someone has shown up. For example, I’ll see an orange. When I ask the client about it, I’m told that this person lived in Florida. Symbols make little to no sense to me until the client clarifies it.

But what’s most important is that your crossed-over loved ones are all just fine. They are more concerned about you and your struggles. While we all go through a period of grieving, they are on the other side watching, observing and encouraging you to let go, move forward and live your life. All they want is for you to be happy. Our animals want the same thing, to live in peace and love.



Note: Last week I found out from Pam that Janet passed away from complications during heart surgery. I woke up that morning thinking about writing this blog. I didn’t know that Janet had crossed over. But I started writing this after getting the sad news. Without Janet’s passion for this work and her guidance, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you Janet.

PS The cover photo is an almond tree blossom. It is a symbol of eternal love, unconquerable by death.

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