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Stone Circles

Stonehenge, Salisbury, UK

I’ve been interested in prehistoric structures my whole life. I’m sure this interest partly comes from growing up in a family that took many camping trips to national parks across the USA. Many of those parks are known for the ancient dwellings and structures. I learned a lot about the people and their way of life.

As an adult I wanted to see more, which lead my husband Ralph and I to make our second European hiking trip to England and Scotland. I wanted to hike the Highland Way. I also wanted to visit Stonehenge. We flew to London and spent a few days there to visit the sights of this beautiful city. I loved it and felt very much at home there.

We took a day trip to Stonehenge, which was one of the highlights of the trip. There were other stone circles we stopped to see that where impressive as well. I still remember the energetic pull and the strange connections I felt. I’ve always been sensitive to the flow of energy around me and these places were no exception. I’m also sure I had tapped into some past life experiences while visiting some of the places. The pull and vague odd memories were too strong to be anything else.

Stonehenge, Salisbury, UK

The day we picked up the rental car to drive to Scotland was kind of funny. I hopped right in that car and headed out of the city like I had always driven on the “wrong” side. I had more trouble re-adjusting when we got back home.

First we headed east to a small town where some of my ancestors had lived centuries ago. That was a hoot.

As we headed north to the border of Scotland, I couldn’t soak up the beautiful countryside fast enough. That night we stayed at a B&B just minutes from Hadrian’s Wall. We hiked a section of the wall and explored the ruins left by the Romans. Another powerful place energetically and so interesting historically.

hadrian's wall
Hadrian's Wall built in AD 122

The next day we got to the tavern where we left the rental car and started the hike. These well planned hikes are great. We only carried a day pack and our luggage was driven to the Inns we stayed at each night.

As we headed north onto the moors, the view was spectacular. The photos here just can’t capture the vastness and the beauty. For me, the moors, the rolling hills, and even the Highland cows brought me back to a place located somewhere in my memory of a time long before now. I wanted to find more stone circles and reconnect to those past life memories, which I did.

At the end of the hike we made our way to Findhorn, Culloden, castles (I’ve got a thing for castles) more stone circles and cairns. We made our way Edinburgh. Since it was August, the annual music festival was happening.

There were lots of people, great food and of course fabulous music. Quite a shift from just the two of us walking through the quiet wilderness. The whole trip will forever hold a special place in my soul.


We live in an energetic universe. We are all connected in some way to the energy that we live in and are made from. The next time you visit a place you’ve never been to, pay attention to your feelings. If the place feels even a little bit familiar, pay attention to that. Question and explore within yourself as to “why?”

stone circle
Croft Moraig Stone Circle, Scotland

We’ve lived many lives before, some of us more than others and somewhere within us we know that and feel odd and interesting connections to curtain places, foods, animals and people.

When you’re in a new place that seems familiar, close your eyes and just feel with an open mind. Be open to what pops into your head. Journal on those feelings and images. You just might find out something amazing about yourself.



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