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27 Day Challenge Course

Finding Personal Growth & Inspiration Everyday

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How This Challenge Came About

In 2012  I was working as a yoga instructor, Thai massage practitioner, belly dance teacher, medium and soon to be Feng Shui and Decluttering consultant. I often would incorporate all these modalities into my yoga classes. This was a bit of a challenge when there were a mix of experience levels with my students.


My intent was to keep it simple, yet challenging and rewarding. I came up with the idea of a daily challenge, not only for my in-class students, but to offer it to others as well. Simple, yet rewarding and maybe even life changing for some was my goal. I also wanted to include as many of the modalities that I'm trained and experienced in to be apart of the challenge.


Since that time I've grown my offerings. After all, learning and growing is an on going life process.  So here you are!

Come sign up for my "new and improved" 27 Day Challenge. I hope you find it insightful, rewarding and fun as my previous attendees did years ago. 

What You Need to Know About the Challenge

Sometimes life gets in the way and you may miss a day or more. Just keep going when you can and just pick up where you left off.

This is important because some of the challenges build off of previous ones.


So...Please do not skip a day!!

COST is Only $27! 

When you're all done with the 27 days, please fill out the survey you'll get.

Your feedback is very valuable to me.  


Have fun with it!


"I really enjoyed the 27 day challenge with Stephanie. The integration of body, mind and home worked really well for me. The descriptions provided a lot of information in a simple, clear way that inspired me to take the suggested actions. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you have a supportive structure to follow and do a little bit each day. Whether you accomplish some or all of the challenges, you will see and feel the positive results quickly. "~C. R.


"The 27 day challenge has been a wonderful exercise and has brought me a new positive energy in the areas of mind, body and home. I need the most help with home because I have way too much 'stuff' and have found it hard to get rid of things. These challenges have brought me a new perspective in tackling decluttering in manageable doses and I think I will be able to continue to progress in this area. The other challenges were also quite valuable and were woven together in a very creative way. Thanks so much!" ~S. R.

"The anticipation of each day's challenge came as a surprise for me. I looked forward to seeing the new things you prepared for each day. It was just the spark I needed to get me started on a more positive path for my day."~D.P.

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