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You're invited to join my 2023
Tarot/Oracle Challenge for the month of January!!!

All interactions will be via Instagram stories and Facebook.  Everyday I’ll post the question for the day and after you’ve pulled a card for that question, share the card you got and a few words about it how it relates to your life. No need to get heavy duty, but all insights are welcome. 


Below is a list of each question for the month so you can be better prepared. 


All those that participate in sharing their card picks will have a chance of winning the prize during the first week of February. The more times you share, the greater chance you have of winning. Only posts of the day or previous days will count. In other words, you can post catch ups. 


What's the prize?


A free offering of one of my many services. Your choice!


So join in on the fun!


New to card reading? Don't have a deck? No problem!

More information is in the PDF below.

Download the PDF for detailed information & challenge questions for the month of January. 



Tarot Challenge PDF to download

oracle card challenge
oracle card challenge
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