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Card Reading Basics: what it is & isn’t

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Card Reading Basics: what it is & isn’t

Many people think that card readings tell a future that is 100% set in stone. WRONG! The future is never set in stone. Why? Because we always have free will.

Also, card readers aren’t women in flowing robes, leaning over a small table in a candlelit room foretelling impending doom. That’s only in those old movies.

Here’s how it works...

During a card reading, the reader picks up on the energy of the moment. So, the reader is only able to give a possible outcome at the time of a reading. But, yes there’s a but, only if the client (aka-querent) takes the action suggested in the cards. The cards show probabilities, not absolutes. Never believe any prediction to the extent you decide to sit back and do nothing. We all have free will and no card can change that.

Readings are meant to help a person understand what he or she needs to know about a particular situation(s). The deck is a divination tool for inner wisdom and guidance. I’m all for seeing a therapist to dig into issues that trouble you. But, card readings are more often than not on a whole other level because they take us directly to source, your subconsious.

The cards give insight into your past, current and future events based on the person’s current path and energy at the time of a reading. I’m just there to help interpret each card’s meaning and pull it all together into what I call, “the story in the cards”. Whatever cards come up, they are all about the querent, not me the reader being that they are a direct link to your subconsious - I can't emphasize this enough.

In times of confusion or struggle, it’s easy to lose our footing or come to a cross road as we travel our life's path. A card reading shines a light on the matter so you can see more clearly of your life issues through a soul perspective.

A card reading can...

Help you to:

*connect to your true genius

*embrace your soul’s purpose

*let go of resentments and judgements of self and/or others

*awaken your magical self

*offer insight into your inner guidance on any issue

A card reading is a great way to address where you are at this moment and to look at a specific challenge you may need to work through. I’ve been on this Woo Woo Wagon my whole life, yet every card and mediumship reading still, to this day, blows my mind. I can't make this stuff up. Sometimes a client has trouble dealing with and/or excepting what the cards are saying because either they want easy answers or can't except what's going on subconsciously.

So, when it comes to this work, I'm more like a coach because my role is to give you guidance and understanding with your journey at the time of a reading. The cards are a tool to help you see your way. The cards drawn are all about you, but I’m here to help you dig in deeper. But, it may take some rooting around in that unconscious mind of yours to discover those hidden desires and blockages. But, a reading can help free yourself from whatever holds you back from fully embracing life and your own personal power.

I believe that we are all here to live our soul’s purpose and experience the joy and freedom of being totally true to ourselves. Divination tools help us when we feel stuck.

Namaste’ Stephanie

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