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Zoe's Story

Back in 2000, Zoe was abandoned on the streets of Middlesex, NJ where she lived for about 6 mos. She hung out in a school yard where she received a lot of loving attention from the children. In the surrounding area she found food where ever she could. Some kind people left food out for her, others called the police. Zoe, being a Border Collie mix, was way too smart for the police. She would hide in the bushes or behind a fence when ever they came into the area. After much effort and dedication, she was taken into the home of a friend of mine who lived in the neighborhood. It was through this friend that Zoe came to live with us. Zoe had many issues often found in abused animals. All based in fear. After years of training, patience and lots of love, Zoe became a content and happy dog. But she still had a fear that plagued her. Even though Zoe wanted very much to hang out with me in the front yard while I did yard and garden work, she was too afraid to come down the driveway off leash to join me.

A few days before I went to Eric Pearl’s seminar to learn Reconnective Healing in the fall of 2009, Zoe still would not come with me to the front yard. If I took her on a leash, she'd have her tail between her legs and her head down low. As soon as I took her leash off, she would quickly head to the back. Not on the walk, but along the walls of the house. A few days after I got back from the seminar I gave Zoe a 15min. Reconnective Healing session. A few days later I was working in the front yard getting leaves up and guess who trotted down the driveway as happy as can be and plopped herself down on the grass? That’s right, Zoe. She spent about 2hrs. “hanging out” with me without a care in the world happily watching me, as well as people and cars going by. During the following weeks each time I went into the front yard, we’ve got a lot of leaves, she happily joined me all on her own. Zoe had finally released her fears.

Cosmo Kitty

It was around this time that I read somewhere how a person could communicate telepathically with their pet. So I decided to give it a try. I sat in another room from where Zoe was. I visualized her coming over to me and sitting down at my feet. Well, it didn’t take but a few minutes before she came trotting in, sat down and looked at me as though she was saying “you rang?”. I praised her up and down, not just because she came to me, but out of my own excited amazement. While I’ve always had a natural way with animals, this marked the beginning of my journey into animal communication.

Note: I do feel that the Reconnective Healing session worked, but as I was giving her the session, I also spoke to her telepathically.

So, I invite you to give it a try with your pet or someone else’s you know well. Be sure to be in a quiet frame of mind before you “ask” the animal to come to you. Keep working at it if it doesn’t happen right away. Also try asking the animal a question. Make it simple, for example: How are you doing? Is there anything you would like to tell me? Quietly listen for an answer. It may come to you as thoughts that pop into your head. Or maybe a feeling deep inside you. Or maybe you’ll hear it as though someone is whispering in your ear. It’s important to keep a quiet focused mind on the animal. When you get something, don’t second guess yourself and except what you get. If the animal isn’t yours, ask the owner for feedback. Then try not to be TOO blown away by the person’s response.

When I got serious about perfecting my skills, I decided I needed a teacher/mentor. I had been doing mediumship readings for a few years after working with 2 experienced teachers, so moving on to animals wasn’t much different. While I had many wonderful sessions with clients connecting to their loved ones in spirit, I thought helping animals would be far more rewarding and helpful for both animal and owner. I was correct. After finishing my training with Val Heart, I felt a definite shift within me. I pick up on an animal’s thoughts and feelings much easier than before I took the course. I continue to connect to animals and people that have passed, but connecting with the living is far more rewarding for me.

At the age of 14, Zoe passed away in July of 2011 but she continues to visit me from time to time as well as my kitty Cosmo who’s been gone since July 2013. I often catch myself opening the kitchen sliding glass doors to let him in. I just laugh at my old habit and say...”You do know you can walk through the door?” He looks at me with smiling eyes.

We all have the ability to use our intuitive skills. If you’re interested in strengthening yours, meditation is where to begin. Just 15min. a day sitting quietly, focusing on your breath is enough. Although you may want to go for longer when you realize how wonderful meditation is. When we can sit and focus our attention inward, we make it possible to tune into the energy around us at that moment. That’s where it all begins. Below are some helpful links to get you started.

Helpful Links to practice your intuition skills:

Intuition games:

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