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Two Methods of Coaching to Choose From:

Transformational Life Coaching


Decluttering Coaching


While decluttering is transformational, I approach each 

coach offerings a little differently. 


What is a Transitional Coach?


A transitional coach helps and guides someone to see how they

can improve their life by together discovering what they want their

life to become and what's getting in the way of their dreams. 


I'm trained through the Brave Thinking Institute and the DreamBuilder 

and Life Mastery programs. I follow their well proven method and

process. But, my expertise in decluttering the mind, body & home, as well

as my intuitive abilities play a part in my coaching as well. When the mind, body and

home clutter are dealt with, realizing the life you dream of gets so much easier.

Together we'll look at life patterns and habits and how these are affecting you and then learn how you can reach your dreams.

You are a whole person with a history that lives in an environment made up of many people, places, and experiences.

Together we'll address the whole you.


Make sense?

To book your 1 on 1 free strategy session, email me HERE. Include your name, location (time zone), the best times to reach you, a few dates and your phone number. I'll email you back first, then we'll set up a date and time.  In this session we'll discuss what your dream life looks like. If you don't know what that is, we'll talk about it. We will also talk about where the clutter in your body, mind, and/or home looks like and how to address it. (clutter is not just physical stuff) This is an important step to take so you can achieve the greatest success possible. 

Declutter Coaching...

During the strategy session, we'll determine how many weekly 1 hr. sessions you may need or at least to start with. I'll send you weekly assignments and a workbook.  We'll start with five sessions and then decide if you need or want more.

Dream Builder® Coaching is...
A 12-week coaching program with 40 years of proven results, as well as a repeatable and reliable system. 


With Dream Builder Coaching:

Each Week You Will Receive
Recording Audio file
PDF Homework
1 Hour 1 on 1 Coaching or 90 min. Group Coaching

Both ways are on Zoom or 1 on 1 coaching sessions can be in person if you live in my area.

If after 12 weeks you'd like to continue, you can repeat the course or take the once a month for 6 months Life Mastery® Course. 

I look forward to speaking with you. 




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