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Free Card Reading

Here you will find my free card readings which I post 1 or 2 times a month. When you join my list, you'll get a free "new-comers" reading. This can be via email or phone.  Please email me for your personal free reading if you joined my email list. You have the option to ask your own question or I'll ask what you need to know at this time that's for your highest good. You may be surprised at what comes up. 

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Look at the card you picked to see if any impressions you might have. Then scroll down for this free reading .

The deck is: Oracle of the Seven Energies


1................#48 A Burst of Magic...The key concepts: an epiphany, a sudden higher sense of knowing, a sense that everything has a purpose, your purpose as a gift bestowed upon you, cultivating conscious contact with a higher power, coming to know what calls to you and lights you up.
Be mindful today. When information pops up out of the blue, pay attention. The action you need to take will be obvious as you integrate this magical wisdom. Only good will come of it.

2...................#42 Smoke and Mirrors...The key concepts: seeing through the lens of past conditioning, the inability to recognize the truth of what is being offered, healing from misguided perceptions, moving beyond the illusion of separation, being accountable for your  biases and the way you view the world.
Today trust your inner voice tat reminds you that you truly will find what you seek and more, even if  outer conditions appear to challenge that.  

3..................... #35 A Tall Tale...The key concepts: denial, concealing the truth so you can manipulate and control a situation, fear-based communication, creating a narrative to hide behind, not allowing the fear of what others will think to influence your words, learning to communicate from a place of authenticity.
Remember the saying “The truth will set you free” ...and get ready to fly unfettered.

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