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27 Day Body, Mind and Home Challenge

  • 28Days
  • 35Steps


This course is about making small changes in your body, mind and home each day that can create big, positive changes in your life. Each day you'll get three challenges to do that day. Most will only take a 5-15 minutes. A few will take a little longer. By building on each of the challenges daily, you'll discover by the end of the 27 days you've made more progress than you thought possible. We often get stuck thinking we have to make big, major changes in our lives in order to make a difference. Then we never do it because it's too much work. But in reality it's the little things we do that create the biggest changes and success. For only $1 a day, you can change your life for the better. So why not give it a try. Note: Be sure to do each daily challenge in the order given. If you miss a day or more, that's okay. Just be sure come back to it and to do challenges in order and never skip one. Each challenge builds on the next one or the one after that. There is a method to my craziness. :-) But most important, have fun with the challenges. Namaste' Stephanie

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